Chapter: Broken Mirror Days

Information relevant to the 14th chapter of The Chosen

the Sunhold
a plan of the Sunhold and the Hall of Wings

The Sunhold is a fortress built within the Halls of Thunder to accommodate He-who-goes-before and his Red Ichorian guardsmen during a divine election. That it is a fortress demonstrates the underlying antagonism that there is between the Great [whom He-who-goes-before leads] and the Imperial Power in whose domain the Sunhold is located

The Sunhold is delved into the eastern edge of the Pillar of Heaven. It connects to the Encampment of the Seraphim by means of three well-defended passages that culminate in double portcullises. Besides the barracks and the suite of chambers for He-who-goes-before and his attendants, the Sunhold also contains the Hall of the Sun in Splendour. It is here that He-who-goes-before holds court. The Hall connects directly to the nave of the Hall of Wings through the Sun-Eyed Door

predicted voting in the Election for the new God Emperor
predicted votes when Aurum leaves Osrakum

When Aurum and his party left Osrakum to set off on their journey to find Suth across the Northern Sea, this was how the voting was expected to go in the election of a new God Emperor—Ykoriana’s faction is heading towards an outright win for her favoured candidate, Molochite—with a margin of more than 1000 votes. Even should Imago’s faction vote against her, she would win with a comfortable margin of 160. Note, however, that in spite of this, Aurum’s faction is dominant in the Clave—which is what allows him to have Suth elected He-who-goes-before

prospective votes after Suth returns to Osrakum
prospective votes after Suth returns to Osrakum

Suth’s arrival in Osrakum changes everything. 500 or so blood-rank one votes come over to Aurum’s faction, along with 35 blood-rank two votes. These are enough to reverse the previous situation, so that it is Aurum’s faction that now looks to lead by more than 500 votes. But, critically, Imago’s faction, even though it has shrunk to less than half its previous strength, looks likely to neutralize this lead