A Quaestor is appointed by the Wise to shadow a Legate. They are a sort of ambassador for the Wise, in post both to command all the ammonites who attend a Legate, to aid that Legate with all the technical knowledge of the Wise and to supervise that Legate and the legion he commands on behalf of the Wise. A Quaestor begins his career as an ammonite, and may well have been close to being …


A Legate is a military commander of a legion of Commonwealth, generally appointed from the Lesser Chosen by the God Emperor. During the term of his office, a Legate will reside with his legion at its base somewhere in the Commonwealth. Mostly this will be in one of the cities of the Guarded Land, though there is a Legate in Thuyakalrul who controls, instead of a legion, a fleet of barans

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