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I drew this back in 1986 and, so, it predates the Stone Dance. It was a drawings of Carnelian even before I had really conceived of him, and even now I can’t claim to fully understand its iconography. The mask Carnelian is wearing is of blue stone. It was of this material rather than gold that I imagined all the masks of the Masters were made. Only towards the end of the writing of the […]


This section deals with the characters that populate the Stone Dance – chief among them, Carnelian – and each is listed with a brief comment. Names are important, and in the Stone Dance many have a meaning beyond the obvious and resonances with our own world. I discovered that some have a meaning deeper than I had originally understood. Like so many other aspects of the Stone Dance, much has welled up from my subconscious, […]

Characters (A-C)

Akaisha- A Plainswoman and Elder of the Ochre, mother of Fern and Ravan Amethus – A Lord from the third lineage of House Suth Aurum – A Lord of the Great who comes across the sea to summon Suth Sardian back from exile Azurea – Carnelian’s mother who died giving him birth Berillus – A Lord from the third lineage of House Suth Bluedancing – a Plainsman tribe and neighbours to the Ochre Blur – […]

Characters (D-H)

Darkcloud – A Plainsman tribe – neighbours of the Ochre Ebeny – a Plainswoman brought to Osrakum as part of the flesh-tithe and, there, taken into House Suth. Suth Sardian’s lover, and wet-nurse to Carnelian who considers her, in many ways, to be his mother… Emeral – a Lord of the second lineage of House Suth Fern – the son of Akaisha and the result of her rape by a Marula Fey – a marumaga […]

Characters (I-L)

The Ichorian – a retired guardsman of the Red Ichorians who guard the entry into Osrakum Imago – the House of Jaspar – one of the Great Jaspar – a Lord of the Great, of House Imago – who accompanies Aurum to seek Suth Sardian’s return Keal – a marumaga son of Suth Sardian and Ebeny and thus Carnelian’s half-brother Khrusos – a Lord of House Imago, though not of its first lineage Kor – […]

Characters (M-O)

Mari – a woman of the household of House Suth on the island Marula – a black-skinned coming from the far south Moal – a man of the Suth household on the island Molochite – son of Ykoriana and brother to Nephron who contends with him to be elected to succeed their father Kumatuya as God Emperor Morunasa – a Maruli and Oracle of the Darkness-under-the-Trees Mossie – Plainswoman of the Ochre Naith – a […]

Characters (P-R)

Plainsmen – people of the tribes indigeneous to the Great Southern Plain – or, as they call it, the Earthsky Pleyr – a member of the Brotherhood of the Wheel Poal – a guardsman of House Suth on the island Poppy – a girl of the Twostone tribe Quenthas – a pair of syblings of the Sinistral Ichorians Qusata – a God Emperor and Molochite and Nephron’s great-grandfather Rale – a man of the Suth […]

Characters (S-Y)

Sapient – one of the Wise Sardian – the personal name of Carnelian’s father, and the Ruling Lord of House Suth Sil – Plainswoman of the Ochre, daughter to Whin and Fern’s wife Spinel – the head of the second lineage of House Suth Stormrane – Plainsman of the Ochre, husband to Akaisha and father to Ravan Suth – the name of Carnelian’s House, or how Sardian is referred to because he is that House’s […]


I drew this back in 1982 and, so, it predates the Stone Dance by several years. It was a drawings of Osidian—note the birthmark on his forehead—even before I had really conceived of him. It has a naive style that I quickly moved away from even a couple of years later. However, for all its many flaws, it does capture something of the innocence and optimism that lies beneath the grim surface of the Stone […]