The Isle of Flies

The Isle of Flies is the island in the Upper Reach, in the middle of the Blackwater river, that divides the Thunderfalls. It is covered by a single, massive banyan. The Oracles of the Marula believe that their god, the Darkness-under-the-trees inhabits the shadows of that tree

The Upper Reach

The Upper Reach is the are around the Thunderfalls, connected by an immense ladder to the Lower Reach, the land of the Marula. It is critical to the Oracles because it is where the Isle of Flies is, where their god, the Darkness-under-the-trees, resides

The Lower Reach

The Lower Reach is the land of the Marula. It is a narrow land, really not much more than the banks of the Blackwater river cleared back into the encroaching forest


The pygmies are a dark skinned people of small stature who are native to the forests that border on the Lower Reach, the land of the Marula. The Marula enslave the pygmies and use them as beasts of burden . . . and worse

The Oracles

The Oracles are the priests of the Marula god, the Darkness-under-the-trees


This is a term used throughout the Commonwealth for the dark skinned people of the south, though it does have a more specific reference to a people who are nearly as tall as the Chosen themselves ‘Marula’ is the plural of the singular ‘Maruli’

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