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quyan numbers

The Chosen use a number system inherited from the Quyans. It is a vigesimal, or base-20, system [that is, it has distinct numerals from 1-19] and is, further, positional, having a zero [so that there is a units position, a ’20s’, a ‘400s’, an ‘8000s’, a ‘160000s’ and so on…] Having a passion for the Maya, I adopted their numbering system for my books. As far as I know, the Maya are the only people […]

Rank and Insignia

There are many categories of military personnel maintained by the Masters throughout the Commonwealth, but all of them wear metal service collars that carry sliders. One of the functions of these sliders is to indicate rank. The second diagram shows some of the work that culminated in the tables displayed in the first diagram. These tables show the ranks and insignia for the Ichorians, for legionaries and auxiliaries. Those displayed cover ruhuimur (or dragon) crews […]