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The diagram to the right shows a plan of a typical cothon. Around its edge are the deep vaults in which the dragon huimur are stabled. Within this are two further rings, of piers. The innermost one is where the dragon towers proper are stored. The ring between this and that of the vaults is where the tower bases are stored. The two major components of each tower are suspended upon beams and rigging above […]

Dragon Huimur

The drawing to the right is one that I produced in 1982, and that predates the writing of the Stone Dance by decades – showing how long I have been brooding ideas for the books. The diagram above shows the final form that a dragon and its tower took. The original image was produced in 1993, but was constantly modified during the writing of The Third God as I began to understand how everything worked. The […]

Dragon Towers

The sketch above shows a Master sitting in the command chair of a dragon tower. Before him is the lattice bone screen that he is looking out through. On either side of him kneel his Righthand and Lefthand, with the tubes connected to their helmets that allow them to be talked to by other crew in various parts of the tower. At both lower corners of the drawing can be seen the ‘voice forks’ that […]

Fallen Dragons

The dragons of Molochite’s second line, their towers and hide set alight by Osidian’s flamepipes, crash, maddened with pain, through the labyrinth of the sartlar corpse mounds. Eventually the fire kills them and they fall where they stand. I made these two sketches to better understand some scenes that appear in the book. You should be able to recognize which scenes these illustrate…


Huimur are the most common beasts of burden of the Commonwealth, and are found everywhere on the raised roads. Huimur are characterised by their four horns and bony crests.

Rank and Insignia

There are many categories of military personnel maintained by the Masters throughout the Commonwealth, but all of them wear metal service collars which carry sliders. One of the functions of these sliders is to indicate rank. The second diagram shows some of the work which culminated in the tables displayed in the first diagram. These tables show the ranks and insignia for the Ichorians, for legionaries and auxiliaries. Those displayed cover huimur (or dragon) crews […]