Raveners are predatory saurians native to the Earthsky


Heaveners are immense saurians, native to the Earthsky, who have extremely long neck that give the impression of raising their heads high into the sky; the Plainsmen consider them sacred to the Sky Father


Earthers are huge, four-horned saurians, native to the Earthsky and closely-related to the huimur of the Commonwealth. When attacked, earthers form a defensive wall, with their horns facing outward in what the Plainsman all a ‘hornwall’


Aquar are a swift, bi-pedal saurian that are used as riding mounts throughout the Three Lands


Plainsmen use drag-cradles to transport people unable to walk or ride, and to carry baggage. Essentially, a drag-cradle is a stretcher, one end of which is attached to a saddle-chair, with the other dragging along the ground.


Huimur are the most common beasts of burden of the Commonwealth, and are found everywhere on the raised roads, carrying goods, howdahs, pulling chariots or wagons.

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