topic: beasts


Aquar are a species probably native to the Earthsky (though there is another larger species which is found to the north of the Guarded Land). In the wild, aquar are dun and mottled or lightly striped. The Chosen, and probably the Quyans before them, have bred silver aquar, a paler almost white race as well as the rarer black ones. The use of the latter is restricted to the Ichorians. These Chosen breeds are larger […]


Plainsmen use drag-cradles to transport people unable to walk or ride an aquar, and to carry baggage. Essentially a drag-cradle is a stretcher one end of which is attached to a saddle-chair, and the other which drags along the ground. I made the model shown above as a way to explore the way saddle-chairs, drag-cradles and other Plainsman aquar equipment worked.


Huimur are the most common beasts of burden of the Commonwealth and are found everywhere on the raised roads. It is from these creatures that the Wise have bred the vast huimur or ruhuimur which are the core of the legions of the Masters and which are commonly referred to in Vulgate as ‘dragons’. Both species are characterised by their four horns and bony crests. Description given in The Chosen: “Carnelian peered round the edge […]