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Aquar are a species, probably native to the Earthsky, though there is another larger species that is found to the north of the Guarded Land. In the wild, aquar are dun and mottled, or lightly striped. The Chosen, and probably the Quyans before them, have bred silver aquar, a paler almost white race, as well as the rarer black ones. The use of the latter is restricted to the Ichorians. These Chosen breeds are larger […]


Plainsmen use drag-cradles to transport people unable to walk or ride, and to carry baggage. Essentially, a drag-cradle is a stretcher, one end of which is attached to a saddle-chair, with the other dragging along the ground. I made the model shown above to explore the way saddle-chairs, drag-cradles and other Plainsman aquar equipment worked.

Plainsman Saddle-Chairs

Plainsmen saddle-chairs are light constructions woven from wicker and finished with fern twine. The basic seat is shaped like a boat and is attached over and across its ‘bows’ by a belt passing under the belly of the aquar. The chair is further secured at its ‘stern’ with a belt that wraps around the root of the aquar’s tail. A bundle of scouring-rush (horsetail) rods is attached transversally, ‘amidships’, and is adjusted to the rider […]