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The Ichorians are so named because they protect the holy blood or ichor of the Chosen. It is for this reason that, in Vulgate, they are called the Bloodguard. All Ichorians have half of their body—right or left—tattooed black. They are divided into two forces of roughly 30, 000 each: the Red Ichorians and the Sinistral Ichorians. The Red or Dextral Ichorians belong to the Great and are commanded by He-who-goes-before, who the Great elect […]

The Great Balance

The Great Balance, or the Balance of the Three Powers, or, simply, the Balance, is the political system that ensures a power equilibrium between the God Emperor, the Great and the Wise. The diagram illustrates this equilibrium. The goldĀ ring shows the Sacred Wall of Osrakum. The pale blue ring shows the Skymere. The Imperial Power [green] surrounds Osrakum with its legions and thus holds the other two Powers captive. But access to these legions is […]

The Wise

The Wise are the third Power comprising the Great Balance. It is they who administer the Commonwealth as well as enforcing the statutes of the Law-that-must-be-obeyed. Their power is obtained at the price of terrible mutilation.