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Plainsman Koppies

A “koppie” is a small volcanic extrusion emerging out of a plain. It is the name given to such structures that occur throughout Southern Africa. The Earthsky is scattered with them. It is in these natural ‘islands’, in the midst of the endless fernland of the plain, that the Plainsmen make their homes. As the location of so much of The Standing Dead, I had to take care in exploring and understanding the topography of […]

The Koppie Environs

This diagram shows the area around the Koppie of the Ochre—the circle at the centre of the drawing. Note the relationship between the Koppie and the Backbone that runs up the left hand side. The irregular shapes show the positions of the various seasonal lagoons. Also shown are the positions of neighbouring koppies whose tribes appear in The Standing Dead and The Darkness Under The Trees. Also of note are the various earthworks or camps […]

The Route South

This is the map I used when writing The Standing Dead and The Darkness Under The Trees. It shows¬†some of my earlier notions. For example,¬†the Earthsky was originally called the Undersky; the Upper Reach was originally the City of Hides, and the Koppie was not only much further east than it ended up, but I was also at that time using the Afrikaans spelling, “Kopje”. I have included this map to show the route—the red […]