The Wheel

The immense marketplace at the heart of the City at the Gates, lying before the Gates of Osrakum

The Hidden Land

the Hidden Land is another name for Osrakum, the land within the Sacred Wall of it crater

The Three Gates

The Three Gates refers to the three gates that defend the Canyon entry into Osrakum; they are the primary defences of Osrakum

The Sacred Wall

The high mountain wall of the crater of Osrakum is called by the Chosen the Sacred Wall. It separates their Hidden Land from the Outer World. The Sacred Wall is breached only in one place, by the Canyon of the Three Gates

The Cloaca

The Cloaca is a channel cut into the rock floor of the Canyon of the Three Gates, allowing excess water in the Skymere, in Osrakum, to be drained out into the City at the Gates and, ultimately, the Gatemarsh

The Mountain

Osrakum is often referred to as “the Mountain”, particularly by the barbarians and the subject peoples of the Commonwealth

Chosen Pomp and Ritual

Osrakum is a theatre in which the Chosen play out their rituals of power. Display and grandeur are at the heart of these rituals and yet, except at the ceremony of the Rebirth that is held annually in the Plain of Thrones, these are rarely witnessed by their subjects. Their households bear constant witness to this pomp, but it is not they whom the Chosen have in mind as being their primary audience.

The Great Balance

The Great Balance, or the Balance of the Three Powers, or simply ‘the Balance’, is the political system that ensures a power equilibrium between the God Emperor, the Great and the Wise.

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