The Rebirth

The Rebirth is a ritual carried out every year in the Plain of Thrones before the assembled tributaries off all the peoples subject to the Chosen. This is when the flesh-tithe is brought to Osrakum. The Chosen, arrayed on the thrones of the Umbilicus, witness the renewal of the God Emperor, a repurifying of his blood to purest ichor, and with Their renewal, the Commonwealth is renewed. The Apotheosis is a special version of the …

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is how the Chosen refer to their ’empire’. It consists of Osrakum, the Guarded Land and all those parts of the Green Lands—the lands of the barbarians—that pay them tribute


A wheelmap is a symbolic representation of the Three Lands: the Black Land of Osrakum, the Red or Guarded Land, and the Green Lands of the barbarians.

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