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This is one of the first images I ever produced relating to the Stone Dance. It depicts one of the Chosen, and already contains many of the books’ core elements. Anatomically bizarre, the figure presages some of the themes of mutilation and freakishness. There is the complex symbolism of the nested crowns, with the feather-like ribbing, but abstract butterfly patterning. The mask is already there—though at that stage it was quite Art Noveau, as are […]

Chosen Costume

Like other wealthy, courtly, caste-based societies, the Chosen adorn themselves in elaborate, symbolically complex costumes made from exotic and precious materials…


The first image is a sketch—that I made, I don’t know when—that is a precursor of the image that appears on the cover of the Second Edition The Chosen. The second is a page from my notebooks, in which I worked out how such a crown might be constructed from various components. Both reflect my interest in symbolism as expressed by costume. The contrast between the aesthetics of the naked human body as promoted by […]

Pomp and Ritual

Osrakum is a theatre in which the Chosen play out their rituals of power. Display and grandeur are at the heart of these rituals and yet, except at the ceremony of the Rebirth that is held annually in the┬áPlain of Thrones, these are rarely witnessed by their subjects. Their households bear constant witness to this pomp, but it is not they whom the Chosen have in mind as being their primary audience. This picture attempts […]