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Here are some pictures of banyans, trees with aerial roots that eventually become as thick as the main trunk. By this means, a single tree can spread to cover a vast area. In ancient times, there was supposed to be a single tree that covered a large enough area that it was possible to hide an entire army in it. It is a single tree of this kind that covers the whole of the Isle […]

Cone Trees

What are called ‘cone trees’ in the Stone Dance are trees similar to the araucaria araucana or monkey puzzle tree…

Mother Trees

Mother Trees are a species of cedar. I took the first photograph of a beautiful example, one summer during which I spent much time lying under it looking up through its branches at the sky. Tragically, it was damaged in a storm and had to be cut down. The specimen shown is a small one. On the slopes of Lebanon, famed since ancient time for these trees, some exist that are hundreds of years old […]