topic: Ydenrim

Osrakum (model)

I made this model to better understand the complex landform that resulted from the collaboration with Professor Ben Harte—alas, it was destroyed in a house fire. The crater of Osrakum contains the Skymere lake and has the Isle at its centre. On this island are the smaller cone and crater, that contains the Plain of Thrones, the Labyrinth, the Pillar of Heaven and the Forbidden Garden of the Yden. The edge of the large, almost […]

The Kharon and their Bone Boats

The Kharon are a specialized caste in Osrakum, living in family units, in boathouses on the outer slopes of the Ydenrim as well as the shores of the cone that walls the Plain of Thrones. These family units vary in size. The smallest has but a single boat, the largest many. The kharon mate exclusively among themselves. A Kharon child has its right eye plucked out at birth. A Kharon mask is made of ivory […]

The Yden

The Yden is the region lying within the Ydenrim; the Ydenrim is the lip of a submerged, ancient crater. This lip rises some little way above the level of the lake. Much of the Yden is land that is the result of the subsided ash cone of the volcano of which the Pillar of Heaven is the only remains—that volcano’s main vent solidified into basalt. The rest of the Yden consists of shallow lagoons whose […]