The Plainsmen

The Plainsmen are the people who live in koppies, as tribes, across the Earthsky. They eke out a hunting and gathering existence that is made marginal by the depredations of the Masters to whom they pay a flesh tithe of their children. To gain the salt essential to their survival, Plainsman males must take service in the legions of the Masters

Plainsman Ancestor Houses

Every Plainsman tribe has an Ancestor House built into or on the rocks of its koppie. An Ancestor House is built from the bones of the dead of a tribe. For a tribe, its Ancestor House is its most sacred space. It is within an Ancestor House that the Elders of a tribe meet in Assembly

Plainsman Elders

Among the Plainsmen, everyone above a certain age is elevated to becoming a tribal Elder. As a sign of this, they will begin to wear a tribe’s salt wealth as beads in their hair and as other ornaments about their persons. To determine tribal matters, Elders meet in an Assembly, most often in their tribe’s Ancestor House

A Plainsman Uba

An ‘uba’ is a very long piece of hri cloth that Plainsmen wrap around their heads in a sort of turban and over their faces to protect them from sun and dust


Raveners are predatory saurians native to the Earthsky


Heaveners are immense saurians, native to the Earthsky, who have extremely long neck that give the impression of raising their heads high into the sky; the Plainsmen consider them sacred to the Sky Father


Earthers are huge, four-horned saurians, native to the Earthsky and closely-related to the huimur of the Commonwealth. When attacked, earthers form a defensive wall, with their horns facing outward in what the Plainsman all a ‘hornwall’


The rootearth is the area covered by the roots of a mother tree and is the home territory of the hearth whose mother tree it is


A huskman is an enemy warrior who has been denied sky burial and, instead, has been mummified by sun-desiccation. The Plainsmen set these huskmen as guards on the entrance to their koppies when they are away on their migrations

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