The Apotheosis

The Apotheosis is a blood ritual, normally carried out at the time of the Rebirth and in the Umbilicus, overlooking the Plain of Thrones, when the Candidate—elected by the Chosen—is transformed into the God Emperor, the incarnation on Earth of the Twin Gods, when his blood is turned to ichor and They become fully divine

The Green God

The Green God—also known as the Lord of the Dance, the Jade Faced God and the Lord of Life—is one half of the Twin Gods

The Black God

The Black God—also known as the Lord of Mirrors, the Obsidian Faced God and the Lord of Plagues—is one half of the Twin Gods. He is also the Horned God, the god of war in which guise he has four horns

The Twin Gods

This is a drawing I made of the Twin Gods way back in 1986—another indication of how long the Stone Dance had been maturing. The iconography is still mostly valid, though if I was doing it again now I would have had continued the black of the Black God in tattoos all down the left hand side of Their body, in very much the way that the Sinistral Ichorians are marked. Also, the glyphs in …

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