The Pomegranate Ring

the Pomegranate Ring is worn by He-who-goes-before as a sign and symbol of his post. The ring fits over the middle finger, but instead of its red jewel being worn on the outside of the hand, it pushed down over the palm. The wearer of the Pomegranate Ring can cast 400 votes on top of those he already possesses. In a way, the Pomegranate Ring is a special case of a Ruling Ring, and He-who-goes-before …


This is an office to which the Clave—the ‘senate’ of the Great—appoints one of its number to be their voice. He-who-goes-before wears a mask whose right eye is rayed like the sun. He also wears the Pomegranate Ring that gives him control of the Three Gates of Osrakum and of the double Ichorian Legion—the Red Ichorians—that garrison them. In his official capacity, He-who-goes-before is shadowed by two lictors, one for each of the Ichorian legions; …


The Ichorians, or Bloodguard, are divided into Dextral or Red Ichorians and Sinistral Ichorians. Their purpose is to protect the pure blooded—they defend ichor: specifically the Great and the God Emperor and those of the House of the Masks

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