The Three Gates

The Three Gates refers to the three gates that defend the Canyon entry into Osrakum; they are the primary defences of Osrakum

The Sacred Wall

The high mountain wall of the crater of Osrakum is called by the Chosen the Sacred Wall. It separates their Hidden Land from the Outer World. The Sacred Wall is breached only in one place, by the Canyon of the Three Gates

The Cloaca

The Cloaca is a channel cut into the rock floor of the Canyon of the Three Gates, allowing excess water in the Skymere, in Osrakum, to be drained out into the City at the Gates and, ultimately, the Gatemarsh


The Ichorians, or Bloodguard, are divided into Dextral or Red Ichorians and Sinistral Ichorians. Their purpose is to protect the pure blooded—they defend ichor: specifically the Great and the God Emperor and those of the House of the Masks


Osrakum is a caldera lying at the heart of the Guarded Land, within whose Sacred Wall reside the Masters.

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