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Map of Koppie Environs

This diagram shows the area around the Koppie of the Ochre (which is the circle at the centre of the drawing). Note the relationship between the Koppie and the Backbone, running up the left hand side. The irregular shapes show the positions of the various seasonal lagoons. Also shown are the positions of neighbouring koppies whose tribes appear in The Standing Dead and The Darkness Under The Trees. Also of note are the various earthworks […]

The Leper Valleys

With north to the top, the map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land plateau (orange) where it meets the northern margin of the Earthsky (pale yellow) – another, though lower, plateau. They meet at Lepers’ Gorge cut by the river flowing from east to west, issuing from the Gorge into the widening delta of the Leper Valleys proper. Here the river unravels into many channels, eventually disappearing altogether into the swamp—the green […]