The Wise

A section dedicated to the Sapients of the Wise and their world

Forbidden Houses

A forbidden house is a secure facility in which Chosen women are sequestered. Access to them is controlled by ammonites and subject to the codicils of the Law-that-must-be-obeyed. The rationale for these systems is the priority of knowing with absolute certainty the parentage of a Chosen child

The Law-that-must-be-obeyed

The Law-that-must-be-obeyed, is the Law of the Masters, that even they must obey. It is recorded upon the stones of the Stone Dance of the Chameleon in Osrakum, and is administered by the Wise

Masking Law

The wearing of masks is at the core of Chosen culture, and their use is controlled minutely by codicils of the Law-that-must-be-obeyed.

The Great Balance

The Great Balance, or the Balance of the Three Powers, or simply ‘the Balance’, is the political system that ensures a power equilibrium between the God Emperor, the Great and the Wise.

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