Plainsman Saddle-Chairs

Plainsmen saddle-chairs are light constructions woven from wicker and finished with fern twine. The basic seat is shaped like a boat and is attached over and across its ‘bows’ by a belt passing under the belly of the aquar. The chair is further secured at its ‘stern’ with a belt that wraps around the root of the aquar’s tail A bundle of scouring-rush (horsetail) rods is attached transversally ‘amidships’ and is adjusted to the rider …


Aquar are a swift, bi-pedal saurian that are used as riding mounts throughout the Three Lands


Plainsmen use drag-cradles to transport people unable to walk or ride, and to carry baggage. Essentially, a drag-cradle is a stretcher, one end of which is attached to a saddle-chair, with the other dragging along the ground.

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