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Welcome to Osrakum. In this section maps and diagrams are presented in a sequence mirroring that of the narrative of The Chosen. Osrakum is a volcanic crater containing the Skymere and, in the midst of this lake, the Isle. On the Isle is the smaller crater containing the Plain of Thrones and, beyond that, the Labyrinth. The Yden forms the greater part of the Isle. From the heart of this rises the Pillar of Heaven, […]

The Ancient Halls

Ancient halls underlie the Halls of Thunder described in The Chosen. These once performed the same role as the new halls above—that include the addition of the Encampment of the Seraphim (that is shown superimposed on the plan and labelled “Hall of Wings”), the Chamber of the Three Lands etc. It is these halls that Carnelian reaches by descending from the Hall of the Sun in Splendour in the Sunhold and then goes exploring and […]

The Chamber of the Three Lands

The Chamber of the Three Lands is a cave lying at the heart of the Halls of Thunder where the Chosen gather to elect a new God Emperor. The interior of this chamber is described in great detail in the chapter of The Chosen, “The Election”. The diagram shows an end elevation (showing the position of the immense stone bell) of the Chamber with a plan superimposed. In the plan, it can be seen that […]

The Chambers of the Wise

When the new Halls of Thunder were constructed, the Wise continued to use the chambers they had used in the ancient halls. The diagram here shows the location of the Library of the Wise, the positioning of the ammonite arrays, as well as the chamber that is the terminus of the heliograph system providing the Wise with a direct link to every watchtower in the Guarded Land and every legionary fortress.

The Halls of Thunder

The Halls of Thunder are a complex of palace caverns cut high into the rock of the Pillar of Heaven. It is here that the God Emperor, the court and the rest of the House of the Masks retire during the summer months to escape the heat in the crater below. The predominant aspect of the Halls is the ceremonial axis, running southwest to northeast, corresponding to the route the Rains take from the southern […]

The Pillar of Heaven

The Pillar of Heaven is the remains of the last volcanic eruption at Osrakum. A vast cinder cone, eroded over aeons, leaving only the basaltic intrusion of the main vent. This structure actually consists of two pipes ‘welded’ together and that reach a height of 2500m above the level of the Skymere. The first sketch shows my initial conception of the Pillar of Heaven that had a small lake set into its summit. This lake […]

The Rainbow Stair

The Rainbow Stair is a staircase cut into the stone of the Pillar of Heaven in a depression running up its north-western face. Its name derives from the way it is paved, as is described in The Chosen: “steps striped with red chalcedony and amber, gold, jade, turquoise and lapis blue and, where they touched the Pillar, bordered by a band of amethyst” The Chosen believe rainbows link earth and sky. This is why the […]

the Sunhold

The Sunhold is a fortress built within the Halls of Thunder to accommodate He-who-goes-before and his Red Ichorian guardsmen during a divine election. That it is a fortress demonstrates the underlying antagonism that there is between the Great [whom He-who-goes-before represents] and the Imperial Power in whose domain the Sunhold is located. The Sunhold is delved into the eastern edge of the Pillar of Heaven. It connects to the Encampment of the Seraphim by means […]