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The Masters believe that what primarily sets them apart from other men is their blood. It is in their blood that their semi-divinity resides, derived ultimately from descent, however partial, from a God Emperor.The Chosen believe that at his Apotheosis a new God Emperor receives the ‘essence’ of the Twin Gods and that, in the process, his mortal blood is turned to pure ichor; the divine, the burning blood. Any child fathered by a God […]

Calculating Blood Taints

The Blood-Taint for a child is calculated by averaging the blood-taints of its parents. As an example, see the calculation of Carnelian’s blood-taint. To my surprise, when I worked out the general form for a blood-taint, I discovered that, because of the way in which all Chosen blood-taints ultimately derive from a God-Emperor, every such taint can be expressed as an odd number divided by a power of 2 as is shown in the calculations […]

Carnelian’s Blood Taint

quoting from The Chosen: ‘Zero, zero . . . three, ah . . . ‘ Vennel was reading out his father’s blood-taint, ‘fifteen, ah . . . nineteen, another fifteen . . . ten . . . two, no, three, now two, a final ten.’ ‘Is that what is inscribed on Lord Suth’s ring?’ asked Aurum. ‘Exactly,’ said Jaspar. Carnelian felt the fingers lift away. He waited, grimacing. Vennel’s hand was there again, to the […]

Chosen Family Trees

This diagram shows a detail of a family tree. Females are shown in red, and males in blue. vertical lines between boxes indicate lineal descent. Horizontal links indicate pairings resulting in offspring. The numbers in a name box show that person’s blood taint. Those males who have gone through the Apotheosis are shown with a “0” taint – which indicates that their blood has been transubstantiated into ichor. The coloured dots above a name box […]

House Aurum Family Tree

This diagram shows a detail of the House Aurum family tree and reveals the family background of the character Aurum. First, note the sad matter of his only son who died when he was twelve. Subsequently, Aurum managed to procure Suth Sardian’s sister (Carnelian’s paternal aunt) for a wife. Though she has given him the incomparable treasure of three daughters – who can be traded as brides with other Houses – she has not supplied […]

House Imago Family Tree

This diagram shows a detail from the House Imago family tree. One of the reasons that I explored this family tree in such detail is because I wanted to explore how a House might lose its first lineage. Such a loss occurred in House Imago 95 years before Carnelian is born, when a father and son (shown in orange) were involved in the succession crisis of the God Emperor Qusata. Their blood taints were close […]

House of the Masks Family Tree

Shown is a detail from the House of the Masks (Imperial House) family tree. Some of the following comments are best understood by referring to the fully expanded diagram. Though brides are sometimes brought into the House of the Masks from the Great, for reasons of maintaining blood purity intermarriage is predominantly sought within the House itself. Thus the prevalence of incestuous unions: mothers marrying their sons; sisters their brothers. Whatever his initial blood taint, […]

House Suth Family Tree

This diagram shows a detail of the House Suth family tree. Some of the following comments are best understood by referring to the fully expanded diagram. First, note the intermarriage with other Houses: Sardian’s grandmother came from House Imago; his wife from the Imperial House; his mother either from another House or, possibly, a different lineage within House Suth; and his sister was given to House Aurum. Note the presence of the Second Lineage headed […]