Military Leathers

Military leathers, commander’s leathers or simply ‘leathers’, is an all in one battle suit, of bleached leather, that the Chosen wear when on active military service as a robust form of the ritual protection

Ritual Protection

the ritual protection is a series of processes that protect one of the Chosen from the diseases and contaminations of the Outer World. It consists of various deep cleanses, the application of sterilising balms and ointments, protective charms, ritual utterances, the writing of symbols on the skin, linen bindings, ranga shoes and specially filtered masks


A Purgatory is the interface between a Sanctum and the Outer World: where a transition is made between the contaminated world into the pure, safe world beyond. In a Purgatory, all sorts of rituals and processes of cleansing are carried out, to purify the entrant so that they may pass through to the Sanctum without bringing in contamination from the Outer World. Conversely, someone leaving the Sanctum will have their ritual protection renewed to allow …

A Sanctum

A Sanctum is a part of the Outer World that is sealed off and kept safe and ritually pure for the safe habitation of the Chosen. Every legionary fortress will have a Sanctum, separated from the rest of the fortress by a Purgatory. Passing through this, one of the Chosen will be able free themselves from the extreme forms of the ritual protection

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