Raveners are predatory saurians native to the Earthsky


Heaveners are immense saurians, native to the Earthsky, who have extremely long neck that give the impression of raising their heads high into the sky; the Plainsmen consider them sacred to the Sky Father


Earthers are huge, four-horned saurians, native to the Earthsky and closely-related to the huimur of the Commonwealth. When attacked, earthers form a defensive wall, with their horns facing outward in what the Plainsman all a ‘hornwall’

The Mother’s Backbone

The Mother’s Backbone, or simply ‘the Backbone’, is a basalt dyke intrusion that runs north to south down the western edge of the Earthsky

Cone Trees

What are called ‘cone trees’ in the Stone Dance are trees similar to the araucaria araucana or monkey puzzle tree…

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