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The Eyries are summer palaces built high in the Sacred Wall where the Suth can escape the summer heat. It consists of a series of ‘stratum’ set one above the other, and connected by stairs [shown as wiggly lines] cut into the rock face. Each stratum is made up of numerous caverns carved into the Sacred Wall. Water is provided by cisterns—cut even higher up—or lifted laboriously by slaves from the Skymere. The Suth Eyries […]

Lower Palaces

This map shows the lower palaces of House Suth built on the curl of land forming the floor of a semi-circular coomb or valley that is open to the Skymere along its south-eastern edge. An idea of how large this domain is can be gleaned by comparing it with the ‘nose’ like structure, shown in the bottom right hand corner, that is the Hold drawn to the same scale. Much of the available land in […]

The Ancient Halls

Ancient halls underlie the Halls of Thunder described in The Chosen. These once performed the same role as the new halls above—that include the addition of the Encampment of the Seraphim (that is shown superimposed on the plan and labelled “Hall of Wings”), the Chamber of the Three Lands etc. It is these halls that Carnelian reaches by descending from the Hall of the Sun in Splendour in the Sunhold and then goes exploring and […]