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The Election

The first page shows the positions that the various parties adopt during the actual voting. The diagrams on the second page show the routes taken by the Lesser Chosen, the Great, the House of the Masks, the Wise etc as they enter the Chamber of the Three Lands prior to the election. These diagrams relate to the various structures in the Chamber. I produced them to work out the choreography that is the dominant structure of the […]

The Halls of Thunder

The Halls of Thunder are a complex of palace caverns cut high into the rock of the Pillar of Heaven. It is here that the God Emperor, the court and the rest of the House of the Masks retire during the summer months to escape the heat in the crater below. The predominant aspect of the Halls is the ceremonial axis, running southwest to northeast, corresponding to the route the Rains take from the southern […]

The Stairs of the Approach

The Stairs of the Approach link the centre of the Halls of Thunder to the complexes of chambers used by the House of the Masks and the Wise. They consist of three, precipitous flights of steps each leading up to a landing. The final landing terminates at the Iron Door that opens into the Thronehall. The Stairs are flanked by colossal idols of the many avatars of the Twin Gods. The first diagram shows an […]