The Wise

A section dedicated to the Sapients of the Wise and their world

The Elixir

The ‘elixir’ is a drug fed to the Wise to allow them to sleep for long periods of time. They believe that it extends their lives far beyond the span of normal men

The Twelve

The Twelve are the Grand Sapients who oversee the twelve Domains of the Wise


Childgatherers are ammonite officials, sent out by the Wise to peoples tributary to the Commonwealth, to select children from among them with which they are to pay the flesh-tithe to the Masters in Osrakum, at their annual ritual of the Rebirth


A Sapient is the name given to one of the Wise. The head of one of the twelve Domains of the Wise is called a Grand Sapient. Each Sapient has a homunculus who is his eyes, ears and voice


A homunculus (singular: homunculus / plural: homunculi) is a creature created by the Wise for their use. Drugs are used to stunt the growth of a child that is to become a homunculus, and it is trained so that it can become the eyes, ears and voice of a Sapient of the Wise

The Three Powers

Power among the Chosen is divided among the Three Powers: the God Emperor (and the House of the Masks) the Great and the Wise. The balance between the Powers is maintained through a system of checks and balances called the Great Balance


A Quaestor is appointed by the Wise to shadow a Legate. They are a sort of ambassador for the Wise, in post both to command all the ammonites who attend a Legate, to aid that Legate with all the technical knowledge of the Wise and to supervise that Legate and the legion he commands on behalf of the Wise. A Quaestor begins his career as an ammonite, and may well have been close to being …


When the flesh tithe is divided among the Three Powers, the portion that the Wise take as their lot become ammonites. Ammonites are the servants of the Wise and are schooled by them to fulfil all the administrative and ritual roles of that Power. Like his masters, an ammonite wears robes of purple and a mask of silver, in contrast to those of gold worn by the Chosen. The results of the examinations that an …

The Law-that-must-be-obeyed

The Law-that-must-be-obeyed, is the Law of the Masters, that even they must obey. It is recorded upon the stones of the Stone Dance of the Chameleon in Osrakum, and is administered by the Wise

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