The Clave

The Clave is the ‘senate’ of the Great at which they deliberate and fight for dominance. Most importantly, it is the Clave that elects one of its number to become He-who-goes-before—whoever holds this post commands the Ichorian Legion that insures that the Three Gates remain under the power of the Great


This is an office to which the Clave—the ‘senate’ of the Great—appoints one of its number to be their voice. He-who-goes-before wears a mask whose right eye is rayed like the sun. He also wears the Pomegranate Ring that gives him control of the Three Gates of Osrakum and of the double Ichorian Legion—the Red Ichorians—that garrison them. In his official capacity, He-who-goes-before is shadowed by two lictors, one for each of the Ichorian legions; …

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