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Chapter Hinterland

The map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land with Qunoth on the right edge of the map, and Makar in its upper left corner. The raised road (a section of the Ringwall) connecting Qunoth to Makar is shown as a solid red line with regular dots along it showing its watchtowers. The dotted red line show’s Carnelian’s route, and has each camp he makes marked and with an associated date. The second […]

Lepers’ Gorge

This map shows Carnelian’s journey up the Leper’s Gorge, from Lily’s cave (in the bottom left, up the tributary stream that joins the river just before the fork) all the way up to Qunoth (at the top right, at the end of the diagonal grey line – that is another basalt dyke like the Backbone). Note the many ‘valleys’ along the southern margin of the Guarded Land plateau – many of which hold Leper refuges. […]


Qunoth – coming originally from Quyan keyu meaning ‘seven’ and noth meaning ‘ladder’ – refers to its position controlling the seven passes marked on the map above as purple chevrons. (The square frame marks the area depicted in the expanded version of the 2nd image) The second map shows Qunoth (the long red structure) – looking a little like a cuttlefish – extending as a blade of rock from the Guarded Land plateau – its […]