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Sartlar Kraals

There are countless sartlar kraals across the Guarded Land, each constructed according to a precise plan specified by the Wise. These form a grid spreading out on either side of the raised roads. In the diagram above, a part of this grid is shown, and running along its right edge is just such a raised road. Note how the watch-towers, along with the transverse tracks they stand guard upon, form the corners and edges of […]

The Guarded Land

The Guarded Land plateau, with the Osrakum caldera at its heart, showing the network of raised roads with its watchtowers. The road that runs around the edge of the plateau links cities, such as Nothnaralan and Makar, into the defensive system called the Ringwall. Each city is garrisoned by a legion. The cities in the interior are each garrisoned by two. The greatest city of all is the City at the Gates lying at the […]