Chapter: The Great Sea Road

Information relevant to the 12th chapter of The Masters

the Naralan

The Naralan is the corridor of land connecting the Guarded Land with the northern sea. Two of the Cities of the Sea lie on the shore of the Naralan. The greatest of these is Thuyakalrul

the Naralan © Neil Gower

Access to the Guarded Land is up the cliff to Nothnaralan.

[In Quya, Naralan means: “towards the Sea”]


Nothnaralan is Quyan for ‘the ladder to the sea’. This city was built by the Chosen as part of their conquest of the Naralan

a map of the city of Nothnaralan

This is where Carnelian and his companions come up onto the Guarded Land. It is in the semi-circular space, against the cliff edge, that they make their camp for the night.