Chapter: Hinterland

Information relevant to the 12th chapter of Dragon Fire

the southern margin of the Guarded Land

The map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land with Qunoth on the right edge of the map, and Makar in its upper left corner. The raised road (a section of the Ringwall) connecting Qunoth to Makar is shown as a solid red line with regular dots along it showing its watchtowers. The dotted red line show’s Carnelian’s route, and has each camp he makes marked and with an associated date.

approaching Makar

The second map enlarges the area around Makar, showing the city at the convergence of three roads and the Pass. Watchtower Ring 473 is shown as well as the three watch-towers on the Great South Road, Sun 91 – 93. These are the towers variously that are mentioned in the story. Carnelian can be seen approaching from the east – his last position marked being where he is on the 18th day of the 8th month.

the southern Guarded Land


sartlar kraals
the sartlar kraals of the Guarded Land

There are countless sartlar kraals across the Guarded Land, each constructed to the specifications of the Wise. These kraal form a grid spreading out on either side of a raised road. In the diagram above, a part of this grid is shown and running along its right edge is just such a raised road. Note how the watchtowers, along with the transverse tracks they stand guard upon, form the corners and edges of large squares in the kraal grid

a watchtower of the Guarded Land
a watchtower of the Guarded Land