Chapter: Bargains

Information relevant to the 8th chapter of Dragon Fire

the southern Guarded Land
the southern Guarded Land
the southern Guarded Land
the Pass
the Pass to Makar

This map of the Pass to Makar shows the system of vast erosional canyons descending from Makar—shown at the junction of the three roads towards the top of the map—down to the green sward of the Leper Valleys.

The Pass is by far the greatest indentation in the southern margin of the Guarded Land and provides the primary link between the Guarded Land and the Earthsky, as well as other southern lands. The Pass is the reason for the siting of Makar, explaining why it is the most important city in the South, as well as why it was chosen as the terminus for the Great South Road from Osrakum. These factors also explain why this is the route most favoured by Plainsmen travelling from the Earthsky to the Guarded Land

The Lepers who control the valleys and hills between the Pass and the Earthsky exploit this and other traffic through trade and by extracting tolls