House Imago Family Tree

This diagram shows a detail from the House Imago family tree.

I explored this family tree in such detail because I wanted to understand how a House might lose its first lineage. Such a loss occurred in House Imago 95 years before Carnelian is born, when a father and son (shown in orange) were involved in the succession crisis of the God Emperor Qusata. Their blood-taints were close enough to his that they were sacrificed at his Apotheosis. Many other Houses lost their first lineages at this time. Jaspar is a descendant of an offshoot of that first lineage that, before the crisis, had been destined to be a second lineage.

House Imago gave a bride to the House of the Masks, Urkare, who was Osidian’s great, great, great, great, great grandmother.

Note also the link between House Imago and House Suth: Jaspar’s great aunt became Suth Sardian’s grandmother.