House Suth Family Tree

This diagram shows a detail of the House Suth family tree. Some of the following comments are best understood by referring to the fully expanded diagram.

First, note the intermarriage with other Houses: Sardian’s grandmother came from House Imago; his wife from the Imperial House; his mother either from another House or, possibly, a different lineage within House Suth; and his sister was given to House Aurum.

Note the presence of the Second Lineage headed by Spinel. House Suth has a third lineage but this is not shown.

Note also the complexity of the marumaga, or half-blood, members of Carnelian’s household. Crail is Sardian’s half-brother; Brin and Fey his half-sisters. Carnelian has three half-brothers by different mothers: Grane, Keal and Tain. While Grane’s mother was already a member of the household, Ebeny came directly from the Flesh-Tithe.