The Song to the Earth

extract from the Song to the Earth

(a discussion of this is available on my blog here)

The Song to the Earth is a chant that comes from the Book of the Sorcerers which is part of the Ilkaya, the holy scriptures of the Chosen. It forms part of the rituals of the Apotheosis. It is shown translated into English and in the original Quya – a labour of several weeks for David Adger and myself. It is also shown in Portuguese…

The transliteration used here is the original one devised by David, and the one that he favours. It is true that its use of “x” for the phoneme “sh”, and “tx” for “ch” is more elegant. I chose to use the latter sequence for the chant in the published editions of THE CHOSEN because it would seem to more easily give the reader an idea of the sounds of Quya.

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