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google editions

Google are potentially manoeuvring in a way that may make them the next Microsoft… that said, they tend to champion open standards (perhaps because they don’t need to control through proprietary formats, being as they aim to control the whole Web *wry grin*) – and I’m all for those. So I cautiously welcome the announcement that with Google Editions they’re going to compete with Amazon’s Kindle – that is a closed system and has already […]

the digital revolution

This article Jason Pinter (though, previously this was attributed to Jessie Kunhardt) has a point, but he’s not really saying anything that we didn’t know. What he doesn’t address is the ways in which ebooks ‘could’ expand the reading market. Not only in the obvious ways – providing easy access (distributively) to texts, portability, searchability, the ability to attach notes – but also in less-obvious ways such as the ability when reading non-fiction to access […]