topic: centredness

personal gravity…

My brother has a concept of ‘personal gravity’ that he uses to describe a quality that a person demonstrates towards others. Specifically, he has used it as a stick to beat me with: complaining that I have such strong ‘personal gravity’ that I never “leave my own planet to go and visit other people’s” (ie. his)… I think that this concept can be generalized to some advantage. Gravity – in the sense that Einstein defined […]

the curse of mirrors and photographs

Mirrors and photographs of a person can be a curse. Why? Well, it seems to me that it is not natural for a person to see themselves from the ‘outside’. We see ourselves better and more ‘truly’ either from the ‘inside’ – or reflected in the faces and reactions of others to us. Other people, our friends and family, are the best mirrors. To see yourself in a mirror is to see yourself as an […]