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youth as an uncollapsed wave function

Youth is like an uncollapsed wave function. Much that is alluring in a youthful thing—a child, a young woman, the bud of a rose, even a fresh morning—is that each has the potential to become so many forms of itself; that, in a way, all those possibilities exist at that moment in superposition. We can imagine any number of futures for a young man: he can become all sorts of people, have all sorts of […]

the perils of certainty…

I have an abiding distrust – dislike, even – of certainty. If there is one thing I have learned about life it is that we can not really be certain of anything much at all. Thus, it seems to me that when a human pronounces that he/she is absolutely certain of something, what they are expressing is a belief that feels to them to be necessary to their psychological wellbeing… It is, of course, uncomfortable […]