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My brother has a concept of ‘personal gravity’ that he uses to describe a quality that a person demonstrates towards others. Specifically, he has used it as a stick to beat me with: complaining that I have such strong ‘personal gravity’ that I never “leave my own planet to go and visit other people’s” (ie. his)…

I think that this concept can be generalized to some advantage. Gravity – in the sense that Einstein defined it – as the distortion of space-time caused by a mass, allows parallels with a person’s ego. All masses draw other masses to them: as egos do. The greater a mass, the more likely it is to trap other masses in orbit around them: as egos can do. If the mass is great enough it will draw everything to it, including light – there is, perhaps a parallel here with an ego so massive it destroys those that come anywhere near it. Further, if we expand the analogy to the whole universe – a procedure that I imagine Jung would have considered plausible – then we have the conjecture that, if the universe were to contain enough mass, it would fold so much that its space-time would become ‘closed’… A person too ego-centred (and I do not mean this in any pejorative sense) could become folded in on herself/himself – so that she/he would become closed to all other egos…

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  1. he’s not using stick
    to the tai-chi teacher
    gravity is enough 🙂

    like you comment
    about people flocking or visiting
    and this causes a lot of attention on the self despite their ego
    thanks 🙂

    using the metaphoric space
    the person can be considered a planet/sun
    the gravity/attraction seems to have different qualities
    which might correspond to the dynamic you are suggesting…


  2. So, basically, what he’s saying is that your ego is as big as a planet?

    Without going into details, I think the theory has to be nuanced. I can see at least these 2 different situations:
    – Person doesn’t want to go out, and friends end up always visiting him, because the indulge him. (The relationship between person & friend is/can be equal)
    – Person doesn’t need to go out, because friends flock towards him. (Relationship between person & friends is unequal – friends bow to his, shall we say, charisma).
    – Person doesn’t go out, and friends always come there because that situation is easier. For example, travel arrangements (people who have a car ought to travel easier), sleeping arrangements (spare bedroom present, nicer place, etc), available time (traveling costs time, so the person who doesn’t have fixed job, or can get days off easier, should be the one to travel), number of people who will have to travel, etc.

    I would think that the gravity theory would apply especially when someone has a huge charisma, and that the ‘ego-centred’ case is different – the egoist will need other factors to compensate (spare bedroom, money, loads to tell, whine until others give in)…

    And all that said – hope that Christmas Eve makes you want to come over more oft (and yes, we’ll still have to make our way to your nook of the woods).


  3. interesting concept…


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