Here’s another of those wonderful graphics (discussed in a previous post). It instantly makes many things clear. Not least how responsible we are in the West – the US and Europe in particular – for the predicament we find ourselves in. Also how little China and India and Brazil, the new ‘bad boys’, are responsible.

And most crucially, how little time there is… Then, when you combine it with this other graphic… noting especially the red box near the centre (not to mention other hilarious boxes, such as the grey one labelled “bribes received by Russian officials”)… then is there any need for me to say anything else?

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  1. Is the Megatonnage the total so far throughout human history/the total of the earth’s reserves?


    1. it’s a calculation of what humans have emitted since the beginnings of the industrial revolution in the mid-1700s… quoting from the New Scientist article: “Roughly 200,000Mt has come from uprooting forests. The remainder is the result of burning fossil fuels and making cement, mostly in rich nations”


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