my nephew’s tattoo

Somehow, one of you found out about my nephew’s tattoo (no doubt I mentioned it somewhere) and asked me to see it. So here it is. It is blood-taint though not as it would be expressed, in scars, on his back – who would have his mother’s taint and his father’s running down either side of his spine.

11 thoughts on “my nephew’s tattoo

  1. oh sorry!
    i’m doing next january a tattoo of quetzalcoatl, or its mayan equivalent
    allways wanted something mayan on my skin, to join the egypcian and japanese i already have.

  2. Those are Mayan numbers, right? Mayan numbers have a misterious look that makes them ancient and futuristic at the same time. Looks really cool.

    1. they’re based on Mayan numbers, yes (as I admit here) – but if they had been Mayan, they would have had seashells for the zeroes – whereas the Quyans use a broken cistern (the three diamond shapes running down from his neck) – symbolizing water having run out, leaving the cistern empty… I do agree with you as to Mayan numbers being cool (and in the way you say) – but then I love everything Mayan.

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