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Laurel & Hardy A Perfect Day

Well, I have spent the past three days at the Persepolis conference and delivered my paper. I am pleased to say that it was very well received. When I have the time I will try and put it online and even, perhaps, put up a video of me babbling away – the whole thing was filmed.

So, I am finally off to Iran and I can only hope that this time it is for real. Tomorrow morning I will fly to Istanbul. On Tuesday evening I will board, the gloriously named, Trans-Asia Express for the four day journey to Tehran. I suspect that this is the closest I am ever going to get to something like a trip on the ‘Orient Express’.

I have recently discovered that the numerous wi-fi spots I believed to pepper Iran may well be a figment of my imagination. I got that information from somewhere, but when I tried to verify it the other day, I could find nothing but gloomy prognostications of endless vistas entirely devoid of wi-fi… So we shall see what kind of blogging I will be able to do… Hopefully you will be hearing from me soon…

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  1. A fellow blogger here, found your site via Pluck, and I have a piece
    of advice: write more. Honestly, you seem like you’re tailoring the full article around the video clip. You clearly know what you’re writing about, so why waste your intelligence merely putting up videos to your
    site when you could be giving us something illuminating
    to read?
    . It’s reminded me why I loved this blog so much.
    Thank you, I will try and check back more regularly. . How frequently do you post on your site nowadays?


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