As a child I was utterly obsessed with Thunderbirds. I particularly loved Thunderbird 2… Like other little boys, I imagined being part of International Rescue. How ironic, then, is it that I should grow up to look like the Hood…?!?! *wide grin*

4 thoughts on “Thunderbirds

  1. That is very funny – I am often accused of looking like Brains. My children even purchased a pair of enormous blue spectacles to complete the illusion. And I liked Thunderbird 2 the best…

    1. *grin* I think I would have settled for Brains rather than the Hood – though, now, perhaps, I’m not sure Brains is really me…

      as for our liking Thunderbird 2 I wonder if it’s not because it resembled our mothers – in oh so many ways… *wide grin*

  2. There’s a touch of Yul Brynner there…

    Actually, did we ever send you photographs of your very own special action figure?

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