the Hood, Thunderbird villain © Gerry Anderson

As a child I was utterly obsessed with Thunderbirds. I particularly loved Thunderbird 2… Like other little boys, I imagined being part of International Rescue. How ironic, then, is it that I should grow up to look like the Hood…?!?! *wide grin*

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  1. That is very funny – I am often accused of looking like Brains. My children even purchased a pair of enormous blue spectacles to complete the illusion. And I liked Thunderbird 2 the best…


    1. *grin* I think I would have settled for Brains rather than the Hood – though, now, perhaps, I’m not sure Brains is really me…

      as for our liking Thunderbird 2 I wonder if it’s not because it resembled our mothers – in oh so many ways… *wide grin*


  2. There’s a touch of Yul Brynner there…

    Actually, did we ever send you photographs of your very own special action figure?


    1. no you didn’t!! Though you have now… I’m not sure it’s not too weird a thing to inflict on my ‘public’ *grin*


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