humpty dumpty

This is a picture that my friend Rem sent to me to celebrate the launch of The Third God yesterday… I thought I’d share it with you since it not only amused me, but also intrigued me… I had some notions what it might mean – especially gazing at the pile of rather unfortunate looking corpses on the ground – I thought that it was all the king’s horses and all the king’s men that were supposed to put humpty together again… but here they seem to be the ones that are ‘broken’… Anyway, this is what Rem said:

it’s about the interview… Not letting people be too
comfortable behind their walls; you sitting on the wall, seeing the horror outside. Sartlar, perhaps, WW1, Rwanda… And there’s the ‘healing’ aspect of it too, so hence also the Humpty Dumpty (‘putting Humpty Dumpty together again’) reference. There’s some wee hairline cracks, because the healing may not be complete.

so there you have it… these are the kind of friends I have *grin*

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  1. I think that some of the email text has accidentally gone missing, when you copy-pasted it… For the benefit of your readers I’ll quote here the bit that has accidentally fallen off:

    But that’s all secondary of course to the fact that your head resembles an


    1. *sigh* the endless suffering that has to be endured by the bald/shaven headed…


      1. I shave my head too. At least we don’t have to worry about taming the “wild beast” that insists in appearing on top of people’s heads every morning 🙂


        1. *grin* yes… nor washing it… I’ve not had need to use shampoo for years!!


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