The Third God (SDC Second Edition)

The Third God

Caught in the jaws of the apocalypse that he set into motion, can Carnelian find a way to wrench the world back into balance? What if the only way to save those he loves is to sacrifice himself to his most bitter enemies? What if the price he must pay is his own life?

The Third God is the seventh and final part of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon—a coming of age story—a saga of love and war—an apocalyptic, epic fantasy adventure of power and redemption

(This Second Edition is a leaner and extensive reworking of the acclaimed original)

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“Escalates the horror and majesty . . . to a feverish intensity . . . almost hallucinatory” 

Strange Horizons

“Cruel complexity . . . extraordinary lush baroque inventiveness” 

Infinity Plus

“Majestically structured and vivid” 


“An entrancing feast of strangeness, wonder, and horror . . . fascinating and original” 

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