The Darkness Under The Trees (SDC Second Edition)

Increasingly estranged from Osidian, Carnelian struggles to contain his malice. But Osidian is a Master, and a Master will not endure having less than total dominion. As events spiral towards chaos and violence, can Carnelian even save those he loves?

The Darkness Under The Trees is volume 4 of 7 of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon—a coming of age story—a saga of love and war—an apocalyptic, epic, fantasy adventure about power and redemption

(This Second Edition is a leaner and extensive reworking of the acclaimed original)

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“A world of stark contrasts and dramatic violence, with powerful characters caught in sweeping events. Richly imagined but brutal fantasy—not for the squeamish”


“The groundbreaking The Stone Dance of the Chameleon . . . is that rarest of things—a deeply original fantasy” 


“An entrancing feast of strangeness, wonder and horror . . . fascinating and original” 

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“Strange . . . disturbing . . . compelling . . . asks questions about the nature of man . . . about the limitations of romantic love and its dangers to character and integrity” 

Strange Horizons

“Cruel complexity . . . extraordinary lush baroque inventiveness” 

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“Majestically structured and vivid” 


“A dark, satisfying work” 

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