The Standing Dead (SDC Second Edition)

Carnelian yearns to make a new life with his lover beyond the reach of the malevolent Masters. But—lusting for revenge—Osidian begins to corrupt the people who have taken them in. Can Carnelian stop his manipulations tipping them all into disaster?

The Standing Dead is volume 3 of 7 of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon—a coming of age story—a saga of love and war—an apocalyptic, epic, fantasy adventure about power and redemption

(This Second Edition is a leaner and extensive reworking of the acclaimed original)

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“An entrancing feast of strangeness, wonder, and horror . . . fascinating and original” 

SF Site

“A brave book . . . starker, though no less complex, than its predecessors” 


“A world of stark contrasts and dramatic violence, with powerful characters caught in sweeping events. Richly imagined but brutal fantasy—not for the squeamish” 


“No matter how strange, how disturbing, or how foreign, Pinto’s vision remains compelling because it asks questions about the nature of man . . . asking questions about the limitations of romantic love and its danger to character and integrity” 

Strange Horizons

“The groundbreaking The Stone Dance of the Chameleon . . . is that rarest of things—a deeply original fantasy” – SFX

“Majestically structured and vivid” 


“I was enthralled” 


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